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Today, we aim at developing a new generation of games, using screens as a tool of socialization. We believe that screens don’t cut us from the real world, but help us extend our horizons to share fun experiences with friends or strangers. 


VYS GAMES stands for a new sense of community.
We gather players, as the members of one extensive crew,

A crew with no holds barred,

A crew with no safe-space,

For people to show their true colors ! 


Our creativity is raging,

Our world is limitless,


VYS Games

Stimulate your vice

We are our own target!

Our language is theirs, and so is our culture.

We grew up with the people we address,

And together we keep experiencing the digitalisation of our worlds...


Meet the team behind the VYS...

Valentin Reverdi


Youri Gampel


Simon François


Luca Mathevet



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4 Rue Charles V, 75004 Paris

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